5 Tips to Make Moving Fun for Kids


We all know moving is stressful.  Exciting, but yes… stressful. For a child that anxiety can be compounded. There are a few ways you can help ease the tension and make the experience for them more fun than feared.

  1. Listen. As a parent there is nothing more important than listening. As you talk about what you’d like in a new home, be sure to ask your child what is on their wish list, too. Maybe it’s a bigger yard, or a to have a park nearby, or maybe even a video room. While you may not be able to meet all their requests, one or two could be manageable to make them feel like they were involved.
  2. Explore. Take your kids on a field trip to your new community. Check out all the local restaurants, activities, and schools. If they have a hobby or favorite sport, be sure to find the area basketball league or art studio. You can also look online to find even more info.
  3. Design. A new home means a new room. Let your child help with designing their new space. They can look at paint samples, furniture, and art for the walls. It’s the perfect opportunity to let their personality shine through, as well as give them a comfortable place in their new home.
  4. Pack. Create a special box just for your child’s favorite things. They can decorate the box and keep it close during moving day. They won’t have to worry about their favorite treasures getting lost.
  5. Party. It doesn’t have to be a going-away party, but more of a, “See you soon!” celebration. Take lots of photos and have kids exchange contact information.  Between texting, emailing and talking on the phone, reassure your child that they can still maintain old friendships while making new ones.

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