8 Ways to Add Curb Appeal for Under $50!


You’d never want a quick and cheap face lift for your actual face, but how about for your home? Check out these eight easy and cheap projects you can do this weekend for under $50!

1. Paint your front door. Your door sets the tone for your home, don’t let that tone be blah. Pick a color that makes you happy, or get a feng shui chart to pick a color that evokes emotion.

Cost: $25

2. Shine up your house numbers.  Your house numbers are the nametag for your home, don’t let them make your house look bad! Purchase the giant metal letters for a mod punch.

Cost: $10-20

3. Give your mailbox a makeover. Still working with a cracked plastic mailbox? Pick up a sturdy metal one and customize it with some fun paint colors!

Cost: $30

4. Furnish your porch. Head to your hardware store and find the sale furniture in a heinous color, buy a can of spray paint and go to town creating a color coordinated seating area.

Cost: $40-50

5. Paint the porch. Peeling, gross porch? No one wants that! Sand it, paint it, seal it for a huge improvement.

Cost: $30 and a sunny weekend

6. Let there be light. A little light makes everything brighter. Install a new fixture with the help of your handiest friends.

Cost: $50

7. Pot the plants. Potted plants are great because you can hardly mess them up. Buy them blooming and pre-potted and just transfer the plants to prettier pots.

Cost: $30-$50

8. Bring in the flowers. Plant some perennials right along your curb near your mailbox for a welcome pop of lush color.

Cost: Under $10

via US News


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