4 Ways to Prep Your Home For Fall


Fall is around the corner and there are a couple of maintenance tips you can use to prepare your home for the changing of the seasons. These tips will keep things working properly and will keep you warm and dry this fall.

Check your furnace. Ensuring the filter is clear and has proper airflow to lengthen your furnace’s life span, reduce the risk of dangerous gases leaking into your home and improve overall efficiency which saves you time and money.

Drain your sprinkler system. It is just about time to drain your irrigation system. This “blow out” process is also called winterization and will prevent the pipes from freezing over during the winter leaving you with costly damages. To do so:

  • Shut off the water supply to the irrigation system
  • With the air compressor valve in the closed position, attach the hose to the fitting
  • With the backflow isolation valves closed and the zone furthest from the compressor activated, slowly open the valve on the compressor allowing the air to flow through the system. (See your sprinkler user manual for details).

Inspect your roof. Now it’s time to get out your ladder because roof inspections are a great idea moving into the colder months to ensure damage did not occur over the summer. Check for loose shingles, small holes and other wear and tear that may have occurred. Contact a roofer if you spot any concerns.

Clean the gutters. Before you run back down the ladder, remove any leaves, branches, bugs or other obstructions from your gutters and downpipes to guarantee that water flows smoothly down and away from your home. Backed up gutters will cause them to overflow and create puddles around your house, ultimately leading to foundation problems and even basement flooding. Check your gutters and downpipes regularly throughout the fall season.

That’s about it, you’re ready for fall! Now you can enjoy your boots and flannel shirts, your apple cider and pumpkin pie all in the comforts of your warm dry home with the confidence that you’re prepared.


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