How to Know it is Time to Find a Bigger Home


Is your once-perfect home suddenly feeling a little less than ideal? Are you longing for another bedroom, a dedicated home office, or space for the kids to hang out with their friends? Maybe your family has grown since you bought your current home, or perhaps you’ve adopted a dog and would love a large, fenced yard for him to run and play in. If you’ve been considering selling your house and moving up to a bigger one, now may just be the perfect time.

First, the supply of homes for sale is low and entry-level homes especially are in high demand. Well-qualified first-time buyers are willing and eager to purchase a home just like yours, but there simply aren’t enough properties available right now. That makes it a great time for move-up buyers to list their existing home and take advantage of the high interest level.

In addition, mortgage rates remain near historic lows. Those low rates can help you stretch your housing dollars even farther, possibly enabling you to afford more than you expect or to move up to your dream home sooner or for less money than you anticipated.

If you think it might be the right time to move up to a new home, feel free to contact me today to discuss your specific situation and review your options.


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