Flood Insurance — What You Need to Know


During hurricane season, people frantically stock up on water, board up windows and create evacuation plans.

Preparing for any natural-caused storm is scary. There is a lot that needs to be accounted for, such as your family, pets, personal belongings and home.

Yes, especially your home – but the homeowner’s insurance will cover any damages, so no worries there, right?


Don’t let reality and a large bill hit you in the face when you realize homeowner’s insurance does not cover those kinds of damages.

Flood damages are only covered by flood insurance, which is something entirely different from the standard homeowner’s insurance many people already have.  Not to mention, there’s a maximum amount of how much can be covered and restrictions to what the policy covers.

To ensure your home is completely protected from water damage, take a look at this interesting and timely article from my friend Ben White at Neighborhood Home Loans on why flood insurance is necessary.  Click here to read it.


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