What Do Clients Think?

With over 20 years of customer service expertise, Jen Poskin has a proven track record of consistent excellence. For example:

“I have worked with numerous realtors over the years, and all of them fail in comparison to my dealing with Jen.  She truly made the purchase of my new home a great experience.  Her ability to provide phenomenal customer service along with always having the right answer to my questions is proof that she has mastered her profession.”

“Jen, I feel very fortunate to have been able to work with you not once but twice. Your knowledge, your enthusiasm, your dedication, your effort — you set the gold standard for everyone.”

“Jen went out of the way to make the sale of my house possible!  And helped find the perfect house for me to buy!  Professional, but yet I felt like you were a friend by the time I had bought and sold my home.  Very knowledgeable and valuable.”

“Your attention to detail and helpful attitude did not go unnoticed and is truly appreciated. In addition, your can-do work ethic made it easier for us because we knew we could count on you to be there for our every need.”

“Jen was amazing!  Sold our home quickly and had the right client base to potentially purchase.  Presentation was awesome too!”

“Jen was always available, accessible and amenable throughout the process.”

“Thank you for lending your talents to us. Your expertise and attention to detail were invaluable. I appreciate your help, coordination and patience as much as your warm, professional manner and truly look forward to working with you again in the future.”

“Thank you so much for everything! You were a delight to work with before, during and after.”

“It was obvious that you enjoy your job and that you have a great team backing you up. The professionalism and friendship that you shared with us made us feel like we were your only client.”

“We sincerely appreciate how accommodating and flexible you are.”

“I can’t thank you enough for all of your efforts and attention to detail.”

“Jennifer is a true professional and an absolute pleasure to work with.”

“Your willingness to work with our needs is a true testament to your professionalism and excellent customer service.”

“Your calmness and cheerfulness certainly was appreciated.”

“Your quick responses are worth their weight in gold.”

“You were thoroughly delightful to work with.”

“I felt I was in very good hands at all times. I certainly could not have asked for a bigger personal commitment from you, and I thank you for your dedication.”

“We could never have done it without your help, advice and hard work.”

“I imagine the level of service you provide to your clients is relatively equal but I can’t tell you what a difference it has made to me personally. It’s true what they say that the little things mean a lot.”

Contact Jen today at (219) 313-7708 or jposkin@cbexchange.com.


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